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Listed are District Attorney offices for the State of Alaska.
They cannot help you with civil claims but can be a source to
report violations of ALASKAN LAW within the borough (or census area).
To locate the bourgh or census district of a specific city, use this button:


District Attorney offices of Alaska
(by borough, census area and judicial district)

North Slope Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Barrow Office
 2nd Judicial District (Barrow)
PO Box 490
Barrow  AK 99723-0490
 (907) 852-5297

Bethel Census Area
 Alaska Department of Law: Bethel Office
 4th Judicial District (Bethel)
 PO Box 775
Bethel AK  99559-0775

Dillingham Census Area
 Alaska Department of Law: Dillingham Office
3rd Judicial District (Dillingham)
 PO Box 470
Dillingham  AK
Fax (907)842-5969

Fairbanks North Star Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Fairbanks Office
 4th Judicial District (Fairbanks)
604 Barnette St Rm 247 District
Fairbanks AK
 Fax (907)451-5996

Kenai Peninsula Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Kenai Office
 3rd Judicial District (Kenai)
120 Trading Bay Rd Ste 200
Kenai AK
Fax (907)283-9553

Ketchikan Gateway Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Ketchikan Office
1st Judicial District (Ketchikan)
 415 Main St Rm 304
Ketchikan AK

Kodiak Island Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Kodiak Office
 Office 3rd Judicial District (Kodiak)
424 Marine Way Ste 202

Northwest Arctic Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Kotzebue Office
 2nd Judicial District (Kotzebue)
 PO Box 349 Assistant District Attorney
Kotzebue AK

Nome Census Area
 Alaska Department of Law: Nome Office
 2ndd Judicial District (Nome)
 PO Box 160 District Attorney
Nome AK  99762-0160
Fax (907)443-5923

Matanuska-Susitna Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Palmer Office
 3rd Judicial District (Palmer)
 809 S Chugach Ste 3
Palmer  AK 99645-1070
(907) 745-5027
 Fax (907)745-7587

Sitka Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Ketchikan Office
 Sitka Office 1st Judicial District (Sitka)
  304 Lake St Rm 202
 Fax (907)747-5854

  Juneau Borough
 Alaska Department of Law: Central Office (Juneau)
PO Box 110300
Juneau AK
Fax (907)465-4043

The Alaska Department of Law Anchorage Office
Office of Special Prosecutions & Appeals
 310 K St Ste 308
 Anchorage , AK
 Fax (907)269-6270