TEXAS District and County Attorneys
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To locate the county of a specific city, use this button:

The state of Texas has 254 counties.  Not all counties of Texas have a website.
Those counties that do have a website can be found at:
Even those counties with a website do not always give informaton on contacting the District Attorney.
Be aware, the
Texas District and County Attorneys Association
does not give information on contacting the membership.
Some Texas counties call the District Attorney the "District/County Attorney."
Some Texas counties call the District Attorney the "Criminal District Attorney."
Whenever possible, this distinction has been noted.
In 221 Texas counties, a county attorney is elected for a four-year term. In 33 counties, there is no county attorney, so an elected criminal district attorney performs the duties of county attorney. These duties vary depending on whether the county has a district attorney. If there is no district attorney, the county attorney represents the state in all civil and criminal cases in both the district and county courts. If there is a district attorney, the county attorney is responsible for cases in the courts below the level of the district attorney. The county attorney also acts as legal advisor for the county.
In most cases you would contact the District Attorney Office for criminal complaints.

Below are Texas Counties that list contact information for the District Attorney.

They cannot help you with civil claims but can be a source to report violations of
TEXAS LAW within the county.   The County Attorney is also listed.

District Attorneys and County Attorneys by county.
 Click on the initial letter of the county you need.
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